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Sep. 30th, 2013

That moment.

When you're so angry you just need to bitch and moan. I don't do it here tho. That's what tumblr is for.


May. 28th, 2013


I downloaded 'The Way of Life App' it shows me how much I DON'T write but tells me how much I should. I see it know.

Tracking self practice. Good going. Anyone else wanna see how horrible and well their writing lives go?

Download the app it's a great way to see if you're doing what you wanna do. New habits like: Taking your vitamins or seein how much you're still soon bad habits like: cursing or something like that.


Apr. 7th, 2013


As this particular week comes to a close. I could never ask to be so enlightened on in my whole entire life.

This whole week or had teachers and students who've been encouraging me onto dream. Giving me offers to publishers and telling me I can make it a a writer.

Beautiful feeling.

But I know that means nothing without actually writing something. Because that's what it all really comes down to.

Like what would be the point of saying you're going to be a writer without a book? Like a doctor with no stethoscope. A Racecar driver with no car. You get the point.

Better things are on their way.

Accepted to 3 colleges one offering a scholarship.

"I'm in love with life!"

(New Found motto)

Where I pretty much say that for everything nowadays.

Good vibes good vibes. Gotta keep writing that story. I like it and I want it to end. So I cn finally say I wrote a story/book/novella. Thingy! Finally.

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Mar. 27th, 2013


I must be since no one ever comments on it. Lol. Just a snip bit. More at a later time.

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Mar. 23rd, 2013

The New Story I was Just Raving About. Hittin' It To Ya'

Okay. So remember in my post Grueling Satisfaction where I was droning on and on of how I wrote a story and posted it on Wattpad and I was all into it and i was excited about life?

Yea...cut that crap out.

Every frackin' bit of it.

Cause 'Unique Happenings' (the story I posted on Wattpad) were not happening so uniquely (hehe see what I did there?)
Looking back at What I've been writing THEN vs. What I've been writing NOW? says to me that Unique Happenings was A LOT tougher to write.

And I didn't really like what I was writing.

That's probably why.... it was tougher.

Yeah sure, t was an off-post of my actual life, but it was boring to write...
And I even said I hoped it had enough enthusiasm...but It didn't.

I guess cause that period of my life wasn't even close to enthusiastic...like at all...

But this new one I've been writing for the past week. Sure fire, has a lot of potential

The story just flows.

It's like a T.V. show you just keep coming back to.
Whether its the train wreck writing like Jersey Shore or Secret Life.. Or the non-stop propelling questions, thrillers and surprises like Pretty Little Liars. I myself am amused. I even want to know more.

Hell, and I'm the writer.
Do you know what this MEANS????????

This means that I've broken through with this start and fail of story-block.

It's soo good...(to me, I mean I don't care if you don't like it)
It's like it's not even real.

Like, I was expecting this breakthrough to be a lightbulb or a switch but

It's not.

It's nowhere close some great holy revelation, where the skies open and I'm blinded by heaven's lights and God himself, while he tells me he's gonna change me into one of the greatest 'writing' apostles of all time.

Psssh...like I expected that to happen....wh-what? (kinda)

It's like a natural groove. I write a little more each time.

Atleast a thousand words a day.

(That junk is awesome)

Like guys....I know what the ending is and it doesn't sicken me.

(Do you know that feels????)

I just feel beautiful right now.
And the best part is.

The gut-wrenching feeling that it's gonna go away.......


Holy. Moly.

Get that into your head. Cause that's 'rizzy-real'.

(Get on ma level)

It sucks cause I entered into a unpublished writers award contest and I can't post it anywhere until I figure out the winners.....so all this gloating and no cake.

Sorry guys...you'll read it one day.

Maybe when it's even....dare I say it?


Until next time

The Updates (Because that's what it is all about)

Remember The Consistency Chase and greuling satsifaction of Mozart and the symphony?

Well Ladies and Gentlemen....

I've done it! Yes!

A story that I actually find EASY TO WRITE and LOVE THE CHARACTERS....I'm just THAT awesome right now. A total of 3,000+ words. 10 pages. Can you say accomplishment? Yes!!!!!! *angels singing*

Alright just wanted a celebratory peep-in & peep out. And I gotta go. Life runs.

*More d's later*

Jan. 29th, 2013

A laugh out loud moment.

Just noticed how less and less creative my titles have become. Lol

That's because they were about my writers frustrations!!!!

Lol why do I even blog when no one reads??

It's fun remember?

Oh right....

Until next time.

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There could never be a more perfect fit in Sarah Lawrence but me. I know it! Let me pompous and brag because I deserve to let a little hautines come out because I want to be in Sarah Lawrence so bad it's not even funny....waaahh but I suck! I just had to be the loser to wait until this grieving day. Shit man. I hope I get in I want to cause its my dream school. I like it. I've fallen in love with it since Sophomore year. Oh well I guess we'll see and hope for the best.

(If I don't get in I'm deleting this post) just so ya know)

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Jan. 22nd, 2013

So I wrote a Poem....

Lack of creativity here with the title but that is, in fact, what I did.
It's a poem about Prayer

YES the religious aspect of my life, I do write about!
However, I have many insecurities about that
Over the progression from my first writer's block entry
Up until now....

I can say I have excitedly written another long-rap type poem (I guess you could 

It's a little flow-yyy.

Guys today isn't my best day.
As much as the creative writing juices live and pump vigorously within my veins.

Formal writing in forms of 250 word essays cramp up the swaggerific-cranked-out-style!!
Know what I'm saying man!!! Uh! 

Enough being pompous.
Anyway The Poem was pretty good.
I recited it for my church and they loved it.
Seemed like a good production for an audience night. 

(Did that sentence even make any sense???)

Oh well no reads this junk anyway....

Until next time.

Jan. 19th, 2013


I wonder if anyone takes the time to read my blog? Lol I honestly just use it to vent into space but is there anyone who finds my voice amusing....other than me? lol. 

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